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Ballymoney & Coleraine FootCare Clinic is a friendly local Podiatry service, specialising is all areas of footcare. From minor treatments to more major surgeries, we've got you covered. With over 35 years of experience, our staff are highly trained and experienced and provide professional treatment and aftercare in our modern clinic for spinal deviations, leg length discrepancies or simply collapse of the arch from wear and tear over rigid surfaces while footwear providing no supportive structure etc.


Poor circulation mostly occurs in elderly people or those who have Diabetes. Sometimes there may be a loss of sensation in parts of the foot... Read more


A local anaesthetic is injected into the base of the toe so that the surgery is totally pain free (the only contra-indications would be if previous... Read more


We treat both ingrown nails and thickening of the nails. These conditions can be caused by trauma, incorrect footwear, very curved... Read more


This can occur on either skin or nails. Nail infections have a thickening effect on the nail and often it is ‘chalky’ in appearance, with a yellowish... Read more


This condition is due to excessively dry skin and perhaps the addition of thickened skin. Often people who wear open-heeled sandals are... Read more


This is the most common form of lower limb bio-mechanical dysfunction (referred to as ‘pronation’) and can lead to lower back and hip pain... Read more

Treatment & Aftercare

With Footcare Clinics located in Ballymoney and Coleraine, Northern Ireland, we have been providing ease and comfort to the local community since 1994. Our clinics are modern and furnished with the very best in Podiatry equipment. The service we provide has two tiers. The first is treatment. This begins with an initial examination whereby we assess the severity of the issue and try to ascertain the cause. Once the problem is identified, we can treat it using suitable means, including chemical solutions and even minor surgeries.

The second phase of our service is aftercare. Once a procedure is completed successfully, we fully advise our patients on how to care for the affected area properly. This may be all that is required where the treatment was simple but in some cases a follow up appointment may be necessary so that we can ensure the healing process is going accordingly. In all cases, we provide any information and advise that we think will help solve your problem or speed up recovery.



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